PowerSILO Inc

PowerSILO Inc. is improving global sustainability for industrial and commercial operations by providing the services and resources that help monetize available process waste heat, through the Discovery, Design, & Development of Energy related assets. PowerSILO Technology is a new way to generate a controlled & sustained +25mph ringed (halo) shaped airflow inside the VAVANT, the First of Its Kind Vertical Axis Vertical Airflow Nozzled Turbine, that produces clean, base load power; and operates within the self-contained Modified Updraft Tower (MUT) called The PowerSILO. We use our proprietary process to perform Cogeneration Retrofits of Utility and Industrial Facilities, which increase efficiency and improve operations. PowerSILO provides power generation efficiency, Decarbonization Strategic Planning and Turn-Key development of ZERO Emissions Renewable Energy generation and NetZERO Emissions Cogeneration Retrofit Services for Thermal-Electric Power Utilities and Industrial Manufacturers with process waste heat. PowerSILO reduces expenses, pollution, cooling water use, and provides base-load capable ZERO Emissions Power Generation, based on Geothermal Energy.

PowerSILO is focused on exceeding expectations within the Core Competencies stated here. We leverage our intellectual property, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences in developing, launching, and managing energy efficiency programs and developing microgrid/remote grids, as business analysts and program managers to provide professional services with personal attention, guaranteed delivery, and exceptional quality. Key Team Members have provided decades of professional services for several leading companies across a variety of market segments, including Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Private and Public Sectors, Commercial, Government and Power Utilities. Our innovative technology, excellent customer service, and strong values are what we are building our name on. We look forward to serving you as well!