PowerSILO GeoTRE Generation

PowerSILO Technology provides power Distributed Generation DG baseload capacity that harnesses GeoThermal Renewable Energy in the form of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) energy to produce controllable, dependable, economical, emissions free, utility scale, Zero Emission power generation with higher capacities. The scale and modular design allow deployment in all urban and rural locations globally. Unlike other traditional renewables, PowerSILO DG provides highly reliable, base- load capable Zero-Emissions Geo-Thermal Renewable Energy based Power. Services include Medium, Long, Ultra-Long Term Wholesale Power Purchase Agreements.

With focus on Grid Innovations, we are seeking to develop and build products and processes that operationalize Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including Geothermal RE based Microgrids. Our solutions include novel analytical approaches to hedge load growth, grid resilience, and grid capacity expansion. PowerSILO Technology is designed to produce electrical power from low- grade thermal energy; using Energy Harvesting processes to harness renewable, zero emissions Geothermal Energy to produce power as a reliable, controllable, DER using Geothermal Hot Dry Rock Energy.