PowerSILO Cogen

PowerSILO Cogeneration

PowerSILO harnesses and monetizes low grade process waste heat from heavy industry, including Oil/Gas, Steel/Aluminum, Glass/Cement and Power Utilities Sectors to provide a unique Combined Heat and Power/Cogeneration Retrofit Solution that provides substantial increases in operational efficiency and sustainability.

PowerSILO Inc. provides services that support the strategic, operational and sustainability objectives of major domestic and international industrial corporations, including:

  • Energy Discovery (Strategic Consulting) Services
    • -Decarbonization Strategy & Planning
    • -Waste Heat Monetization Strategy
    • -Renewable Energy Assessment & Analysis
    • -Energy Harvesting Discovery & Consulting
    • -Rankine Cogeneration Program
    • -MicroGrid Assessment
    • -Energy Efficiency/Conservation Consulting
    • -Energy Infrastructure and Planning
  • Energy Design (Asset Design & Engineering) Services
    •  -PowerSILO Geothermal Design
    • -PowerSILO Rankine Cogeneration Design
    • -Technical Design & Engineering
    • -MicroGrid Design
    • -Cogeneration Design & Management
    • -Energy Efficiency/Conservation Consulting
    • -Net Zero Energy Design
    • -Process Efficiency Retrofitting
    • -Renewable & Alternative Energy
  • Energy Development (Project Development) Services
    • -Thermal Resource Development
    • -Geothermal RE Development
    • -Ministerial Permitting
    • -Easements & Entitlement
    • -Industrial/Utility Cogeneration
    • -MicroGrid Development
    • -Project Management & Oversight
  • Operations and Maintenance Services