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PowerSILO(STUT) Technology              

PowerSILO Inc. is improving the global Thermal-Electric Power Plant Industry, redefining Generation Efficiency by providing Efficiency Retrofits of existing Power Plants, that create NetZERO Emissions Generation, with minimal impact to operations.  PowerSILO Inc. provides Waste Heat to Power Conversion Upgrade Technology and Turn-Key Retrofit Services for Thermal-Electric Power Plant operators, that dramatically increases operational (Heat Rate) efficiency, reduce expenses,  pollution, cooling water use, and CO2 emissions. PowerSILO Inc. also provides high capacity, and highly reliable, base-load capable Zero-Emissions Geo-Thermal and Solar-Thermal based Distributed Generation.

PowerSILO Inc has developed a unique way to generate a controlled & sustained +25 mph airflow that is harnessed to produces clean base load power from proprietary Heat2Power Technology called STUT.  The technology is scalable from small/medium commercial & industrial generation, to utility scale; and operates within a self-contained system called the Sub-Terranean Updraft Tower or (STUT) The PowerSILO(STUT) Energy Harvesting Heat to Power Conversion process harnesses the waste heat (not Exhaust Heat) of any thermal-electric power plants, creating an additional NETZero Emissions  power generation cycle, which increases overall efficiency and generation capacity, while reducing use of water for cooling, CO2 emissions, & operating expenses.

PowerSILO(STUT) – Introduction

STUT Technology- How It Works

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Power Plant Retrofit Services

PowerSILO(STUT) Hybrid Retrofits any power plant and increases the overall (Heat Rate) Efficiency of the Thermal Electric Power Generation, including Rankine Cycle and Rotating Gas Turbine Power production; Coal,  Nuclear, and Natural Gas/CHP, Geothermal and Solar-Thermal-Electric Power Plants can achieve dramatically increased (Heat Rate) efficiency with the addition of the STUT Energy Harvesting Power Cycle.  PowerSILO(STUT) increases generation capacity while reducing CO2 emissions & fuel consumption expenses per watt generated.  PowerSILO(STUT) is clean technology that provides a Hybrid option for Power Plants, that is Reliable, Cheap, Carbon Free, Pollution Free, NetZero Emissions Power, that: a) generates power from waste heat (not Exhaust Heat) of the condensate loop; b) performs Energy Harvesting for Power Plants, Industrial & Commercial Processes and Manufacturing; c)substantially increases overall (Heat Rate) energy efficiency & profit margins and substantially reducing water used for cooling.

Thermal-Electric Power Plants use traditional fuels and nuclear energy to make steam, which is used produce electric power.  Known as the Rankine Cycle process is no energy conversion efficiency of greater than approximately 39%.  The largest single sources of electric generation in the US and Globally are literally handcuffed to this inefficiency.  The waste heat from making steam at a utility scale has been increasing since the early days of the industrial revolution.  The impact of the inefficiency is unmeasured but, is calculable in terms of dollars and cents of operating expense and environmental pollution.  PowerSILO(STUT) Technology is designed to produce electrical power from low-grade thermal energy; using Energy Harvesting processes to harnesses either renewable, zero emissions Geothermal Energy to a) produce power as a reliable, controllable, Distributed Generation Resource using Geothermal Hot Dry Rock energy; or b) produce power as a PowerSILO(STUT) Hybrid Power Generation from powerplant condensate loop waste heat.

PowerSILO(STUT) increases generation efficiency, provides dry cooling, reducing water use and associate expenses.  PowerSILO(STUT) can increase power the heat rate efficiency up to @60%, supporting high value services like Grid Flexing, Water Desalination, and Green Hydrogen production, while reducing expenses of water and fuel consumption.

It’s the Rankine Cycle…Let’s Fix It.

Distributed Generation Services

PowerSILO(STUT) DG is power generation baseload capacity that harnesses Solar-Thermal or Geothermal(HDR) Hot Dry Rock energy to produce Reliable, economical, emissions free, utility scale, Zero Emission  power generation with higher capacities.  The scale and modular design allow deployment in all urban and rural locations globally. Unlike other traditional renewables,  PowerSILO(STUT) DG provides highly reliable, base-load capable Zero-Emissions Geo-Thermal and Solar-Thermal.