How PowerSILO Works

How It Works 

  1. PowerSILO(STUT) is the compact, high energy, heat agnostic variant of the Solar Tower(ST) and Solar Updraft Tower(SUT) developed in the last century; which has been reinvented for the needs of this century(STUT).  Heat Energy is Harvested from either: a) Rankine Steam Cycle Thermal Electric Power Plant Cooling Loop/Waste Heat; or b) Rotating Gas Turbine Rotary Engine Exhaust Heat; or c) Geothermal Hot Dry Rock Well or Reservoir, is transported via fluids and heat exchanger from the power plant cooling loop, and injected into the Inner Updraft Shaft, of a combination double walled, subsurface shaft.  The injected heat has ample space  to mix and transfer energy into the cooler air, heating the air up inside a very deep and very large diameter vertical shaft/updraft tower, mixing with, and heating the incoming cooler air.  As mixing occurs, the large volume of heated, very buoyant air rises upward toa  first of its kind, patent pending Vertical Axis Vertical Airflow Nozzeld Turbine, VAVANT.  The (STUT) system is designed to efficiently harness low-grade heat from thermal-electric power plants.
  2. At the ground surface, Large Volumes of Low Velocity Cooler Air enter the Outer Downdraft Shaft of the system and descend into a very deep shaft, and after heat energy is introduced into the Inner Updraft Shaft/Tower,  equal volumes of heated, energized air is drawn and ascends upward into the Inner Updraft Shaft/Tower, and exists the system via the VAVANT Turbine, and Visible Upper Tower, however at much higher velocity, as the heated air rises, and is accelerated and concentrated on the turbine blades with Venturi Effect* of the VAVANT.  Mass flow rates into and out of the system are nearly equal, with minimal stalled airflow. *The Venturi effect is the phenomenon that occurs when a fluid that is flowing through a pipe is forced through a narrow section, resulting in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase.
  3. Airflow into and out of the system is sustained as hot air rises toward the VAVANT Turbine,  drawn upward in the Inner Updraft Shaft/Tower because hot air is buoyant and rises; the hot air is replaced by cooler air from the Outer Downdraft Shaft, displaced and pushed upward from below by cooler air that has been funneled into the system, down from surface level air intake vents, into the lowest locations of the Inner Updraft Shaft/Tower.
  4. Airflow is delivered to the VAVANT turbine/generator to convert the accelerated air to electrical power. PowerSILO(STUT) works with Heat Energy Harvested from power plants, Geothermal and Industrial processes.
  5. Upper Updraft Tower returns air to nature.