PowerSILO Inc.   Mission

PowerSILO Inc. is seeking to disrupt and redefine the global Thermal-Electric Power Plant Retrofit Industry.  PowerSILO Inc is developing Turn Key (including financing vehicles), Integrated Energy Efficiency Retrofit Solutions for all Thermal-Electric Power Plants (regardless of fuel source), that economically and substantially increases efficiency, that dramatically reduces operating expenses, and pollution emissions, including CO2/MWh.  The PowerSILO(STUT) Technology is an Energy Harvesting or Waste Heat (not exhaust heat) to Power Conversion System design; that adapts or accommodates numerous heat profile conditions, including, waste heat energy harvesting (Rankine Cycle) of Nuclear, Coal, and (Rotary Jet Engine Cycle) Gas Turbine/CHP Power Plants Power Production; industrial and commercial processed and Geothermal Hot Dry Rock resources, providing a strategic, long-term transition of baseload, Net-Zero Emissions, Zero CO2 power generation option.  PowerSILO(STUT) is heat agnostic and excellent for all high and low-grade heat recovery to power conversion applications for all thermal-electric power generation technologies.

PowerSILO Inc. Team

  • ROD NASH, M.S., GEM, University of Colorado, Denver; President of PowerSILO Inc., inventor and designer of PowerSILO(STUT) Energy Harvesting Power Technology. Responsible for leadership of all enterprise administration, operations, strategy, development, and activities, setting and maintaining focus on vision, strategy development, and team comportment.
  • PHILLIP BIRD, M.S., GEM, University of Colorado, Denver; Responsible for all enterprise all finance activities and issues, Internal Controls, and Regulatory compliance.
  • KYLE FRAZER, M.S., GEM, University of Colorado, Denver; Responsible for enterprise operations, manufacturing and project development operations, operation efficiency.